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Application characteristics of translucent stone

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Light-transmitting stone, also called artificial stone light-transmitting board or light-transmitting sheet, is a veneer that combines light and natural stone textures. The environmentally friendly artificial stone made from light-transmitting materials imitating natural stone is a new type of polymer material . The thickness is generally only 0.1-2.0mm.


1. With the help of the transmission effect of ordinary light, it can produce a kind of dreamy effect that seems to be hidden and appears.

2. Compared with natural stone, the raw materials are easy to obtain and can be obtained nearby; the color can be adjusted, colorful, and lasting as new, and the surface is as bright as a mirror.

3. It is non-toxic, odorless, non-radiation, healthy and environmentally friendly, non-microporous structure, dirt-resistant, easy to maintain, and strong in processing.


4. Compared with traditional artificial stone, it is not easy to scratch, not easy to deform, has a better hardness, impact resistance, strong flame resistance, safer, higher gloss, wider application range, beautiful and fashionable, green and environmental protection.

5. As a new type of green building materials, it can comprehensively utilize various resources, can effectively restrain the over-exploitation of natural stone, and can promote the development of environmental protection, circular economy, and low-carbon economy.

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