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How often is the stone maintained

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Many friends often ask, how often is the stone maintained? But this seemingly simple question makes people unable to answer for a while. Because you cannot simply tell you how often to maintain it, you must answer this question accurately according to different scenarios, different materials, corresponding standards, and a combination of various factors. The degree of wear on the crystal surface of the stone is related to the following factors.

paver stone

First, the type of stone

Stone is divided into natural stone and artificial stone, and there are thousands of natural stones, mainly divided into marble and granite. Stone Research Institute

Stones of different materials have different effects after crystallization. Generally speaking, hard stones have better abrasion resistance, while soft stones have worse abrasion resistance. stone cutting machine

Second, the flow of people

The flow of people in different places is different, even in the same place, at different times, and in different locations. The greater the flow of people, the faster the crystal surface layer wears, and vice versa. marble cutting machine


Third, use location

Because the stone is used in different areas, the degree of wear of the crystal layer is different. Take a hotel as an example. Due to the large flow of people at the entrance of the lobby, elevator and front desk, the crystal surface layer wears quickly.

Because the restaurant passage (between the public area and the kitchen) and the bathroom are close to the pollution source, the floor granite cutting machine needs to be cleaned frequently, so the crystal surface layer wears out faster.

Fourth, the surrounding environment

Whether there are construction sites in the surrounding area and whether the buildings are close to the road. If there are more dust particles, the crystal layer stone engraving machine will wear faster.

Fifth, prevention and control facilities

Whether to install various functional mats at doorways, main passages, pollution sources, etc. If the door is not equipped with a dust-proof mat, marble cutter machine price dust and sand will enter the room wantonly, causing the stone to be easily scratched.

Sixth, stone bottom light

The background gloss of stone is the gloss achieved by grinding, not the brightness achieved by chemical material polishing. If the crystalline layer is built on the basis of a higher "base gloss", the gloss retention time will be stone cutter hand machine longer, otherwise it will be shorter.

block granite

Seventh, crystalline materials

Different brands of marble cutting machine for sale crystalline materials have different qualities; water, powder, and paste have different chemical compositions and crystallization methods, so the durability of the crystal surface layer is different.

Therefore, the above factors must be combined when formulating a stone maintenance plan, and corresponding adjustments must be granite bridge saw made in response to different situations. According to years of research, when the gloss of marble and artificial stone drops to 50 degrees, crystallization maintenance is required , and once it drops below 30 degrees, it needs to be refurbished. Stone Research Institute

when the gloss of granite drops to 60 degrees, crystallization maintenance is required, and once it drops below 50 degrees, it must be refurbished, otherwise commercial stone cutting machine the crystallization alone cannot restore the stone to standard brightness (marble is 75 degrees; Artificial stone is 70 degrees; granite is 80 degrees). big marble cutting machine.


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