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Knowledge of wall stone maintenance for granite and marble materials

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For long-term and efficient maintenance methods, polishing care agents can be used for wall maintenance.

The steps are as follows:

1. Use metal wool to clean the stone wall. Be careful not to wet the wall and keep the stone wall dry.

2. Do a good job of protective treatment to avoid reappearance of stone efflorescence.

3. Make a protective place and let it dry after 24 hours.

4. Coat the surface of the stone with a polishing care agent, pay attention to brushing evenly, and then polish it after drying.

5. The above operations are repeated 3 to 4 times to make the maintenance effect more prominent.  


After curing by the polishing care agent, the indoor stone wall can generally maintain the bright effect for about 3 years. Usually, you only need to pay attention to wipe the dust on the wall with a dry towel.


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