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What problems should be paid attention to when installing rock slabs

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After all, the installation of rock slabs is different from ordinary ceramic tiles, so if we install rock slabs in our home, we also need to pay attention to some requirements of rock slabs. Give everyone the following four points to pay attention to.

1. The flatness and verticality of the base layer of the wall where the rock slab is installed must be strictly controlled. For sticking rock slabs on the wall, we need to ensure the flatness of the plastering layer on the wall, and the verticality is less than or equal to 3 mm. At this time, a two-meter ruler is used for inspection. If it does not meet the requirements, it must be re-leveled. Before sticking, clean the dust and garbage on the surface.

2. Before installation, make separation by the bounce on the wall. Because our rock slabs are used to install the TV background wall using several pieces for assembly, we must accurately pop up the separation line of each rock slab on the wall, so that we can accurately control when we install the rock slab later. The location of the slab. At the same time, it is convenient for us to control the flatness of the surface.

3. Special pasting materials must be used for pasting. For the pasting of rock slabs, do not use ordinary cement mortar. Generally, we can use a special adhesive for pasting the rock slab, or we can also use the method of dry hanging. As for the binder, it must be used after mixing evenly according to the requirements of the product. Do not add cement or water arbitrarily, which will easily cause the rock slab to not stick firmly.

4. Pay attention to the installation sequence of the rock board paste. If our rock slabs are pasted by the pasting method, the order should be from the inside to the outside, while ensuring the fullness of the adhesive, as far as possible to avoid the occurrence of hollowing. In the process of pasting, locators and seam clamps should be used to ensure that the position of each rock slab is accurate and the seams are even. Finally, it must be flattened and compacted.