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What are the characteristics of rock slabs

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The rock slab is made of natural stone and some inorganic clay. After some special processing, it is finally formed by vacuum extrusion or is fired in an automatic closed computer temperature-controlled track kiln. The normal temperature reaches 1200℃. Finally made. The thickness of the slab is much thinner than ordinary stone. Common rock slabs have the following two characteristics.

1. The thickness of the rock slab is much thinner than that of conventional tiles or stone. The thinnest rock slab currently available on the market is only 3 mm. The other is that the size of the rock slab is relatively large. At present, the size of large rock slabs can reach 1620 mm × 3240 mm. So there are certain requirements for our installation.

2. The installation process of the rock slab. At this stage, the common installation process for rock slabs is to install adhesives. Many rock slabs on the market are equipped with suitable adhesives, which are applied with a serrated scraper during installation, and finally, the rock slabs are directly pasted on the wall. In addition, some rock slabs use the dry hanging method, which is more robust, but the cost is higher.