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correct way to use the ceramic plunger pump

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1. The electric pump should be inspected regularly, usually at least once every three months. If it is used frequently, it should be overhauled once a month. The overhaul should be completely disassembled to eliminate internal dust and oil stains. It can be used if there is too much dust on the commutator. Rub the surface of the commutator with alcohol. If there are damaged parts, the high-quality mud pump should be replaced with the same parts.

2. When not in use, please place it in a dry, clean, and non-corrosive environment.

3. When using a high-quality mud pump electric pump, do not damage the wires, and prevent water and oil from entering the motor, switch, horn, and other parts.

4. For electric pumps that are new or left unused for a long time, after opening the box, a 550-volt megger measures the insulation resistance between all live parts and metal parts that may be touched. It should be no less than 7 megohms when it is close to the operating temperature.

5. Replace the brush: When the brush is worn out to use, it should be replaced immediately, otherwise the commutator will be damaged, and the motor will be more likely to burn out during the production of tribute.

6. The electric mud pump is not suitable for dry operation. When the pump is used, the pump will be stopped immediately after the liquid is pumped. The motor speed of this series of pumps can reach about 10,000 rpm without load, otherwise, it will wear out, and the universal joint impeller will be damaged in severe cases. Pump tube.

7. Before use, check whether the terminals are firm or not, and the grounding wire must be reliable and firm.

8. Check whether the power supply voltage is compatible with the rated voltage, and it cannot be used on a power supply with an overactive 10% lower than the rated voltage.

9. It is forbidden for ordinary motor types to work under flammable and corrosive gas conditions to ensure safe production and normal operation of various electrical components.

10. If abnormal noise is found during use, stop the machine immediately, check the cause, and continue using it only after trying to eliminate it.