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What are the cleaning methods for plunger mud pumps

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The use of plunger mud pumps is becoming more and more common, and the maintenance and cleaning in the working process cannot be ignored. If the plunger mud pump is not maintained properly, its service life will be reduced. Therefore, the plunger mud should also be paid attention to during use. Cleaning of the pump.

The cleaning method of the plunger mud pump needs attention. Reasonable cleaning can help reduce the failure rate of the plunger mud pump and prolong the service life of the pump. But if the cleaning method is not correct, it will cause serious losses. During the warranty period, the plunger mud pump cannot be disassembled at will, only the appearance can be cleaned. If the plunger mud pump has passed the warranty period, it can be disassembled and cleaned, but it should be noted that there should be no scratches or scratches on the end surface during the cleaning process. Once it is cleaned with clean water, immediately apply lubricating oil on the surface of the parts and equipment to ensure that it will not cause Rust; and avoid cleaning as much as possible on the vertical split surface of the pump casing; in addition, the impeller parts and cooling water pipes must be cleaned. After the completion of the installation and use of the equipment, it is required that the driveshaft of the plunger mud pump and the pump shaft, and the drive shaft and the transmission shaft should be connected in accordance with the regulations, and should not be changed at will in the later period.