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Analysis of the Causes of Color Difference of White Stone

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The main reasons for the production of stone are:

1. The stone blocks come from different pit openings or different levels and directions;

2. There is no typesetting after stone cutting processing, or there is no sequential numbering according to the area after typesetting;

3. Failure to follow the code sheet and batch number provided by the supplier;

4. During the wet paving process, the bonding material used touches the surface of the stone and reacts with the stone to cause the color marble cutting machine for sale difference of the stone;

5. After a period of use of natural stone, the color gradually begins to fade, and the original bright and bright stone begins to become gray and dark.

5.1. The chemical composition of the stone has changed, for example, some coloring substances in the stone have oxidized with the air to cause the color change;

5.2. Some minerals in the stone lose crystal cutting paving slabs water, which reduces the color saturation of the stone;

5.3. The acid gas or acid block cutting machine rain in the machine granite atmosphere changes the tone and brightness of the stone;

5.4. Paving space: Stones laser cutting machine price in india are more prone to yellowing in places with strong ultraviolet radiation.