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Analysis of the cause of rust

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Rust spots are divided into surface rust and deep rust.

1. Rust spots in the surface are stone in mining, processing, and transportation, and a small amount of iron residue is left cutting machine behind with iron material, these residues are produced by rust tile cutting machine and moisture.

2. Deep rust spots are special stone varieties that stone cutting machine contain a certain proportion of iron ingredients, such as granite, slate, white, Shandong, white mice, these iron ingredients encounter air and hand cutting machine water immersion It also breeds rust.

3. In addition, alkaline substances in the cement will marble cutting machine also be chemically reacted with stones in the action of iron.

Conclusion: The southern air humidity is large. The Yashi white stone material is contained in a certain iron component, and the iron ingredients are generated by water and oxidation, and there is a cause of cement sander wet stickers, alkaline substances in cement The back of the stone is immersed in the back of used granite bridge saw the stone itself.

Treatment: Use professional stone rust to clean the surface prices of automatic granite cutting machines of the stone.