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How to prevent yellowing of white stone

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1. Mining, processing, and transportation links

① Pay attention to avoid the influence of rust on machinery and hand cutting machine tools on the white stone in all links of mining and processing. If there is rust, find a way to remove it.

②Prevent the pigment pollution caused by the wood used in each link to the stone. For example, these woods can also be painted with penetrating protective agents.

③When doing protection in the factory, it is necessary to abandon the past practice of only caring about costs, prohibit the use of non-professional protective agents and inferior protective agents, and choose high-quality penetrating protective agents.

2. Installation

①Be sure to protect the stone on six sides before installation. Moreover, for the back protection, it is best to use professional-grade stone marble cutting machine adhesive for sealing.

② If possible, use adhesive instead of wet cement.

③The protective effect will be lost once the stone that has been protected is re-cut according to the actual situation. Therefore, as long as marble polishing machine there is a cut, re-brush the protection.

④ When installing, try to avoid spilling cement on the surface of the stone. Because no matter how good the protection is, the stone has micro-cracks, and the alkaline component of cement penetrates into the stone bridge saw along the micro-cracks, causing yellowing.

⑤When using various glues, choose high-quality stone polishing machine products and operate in accordance with the specifications.

3. Refurbishment and maintenance

①For the polishing of white stone during renovation and maintenance, it is forbidden to use steel wool and abrasive discs that are easy to fade. A scouring pad should be chosen. But the best way is to directly grind the white stone to slab cutter a gloss of about 90 degrees with a polishing pad, and then use the glaze sealing technique to make a silica protective layer on it.

②The white stone on the ground will abrade the surface and reduce the protection effect due to the trampling of people. Dust removal mats can be placed at the entrance and exit at ordinary times. It can absorb the gravel and tiles cutting machine price granite polishing machine pollutants on the soles of the feet to laser cutting machine price in india a large extent. Play a certain preventive role.

③Daily maintenance, glaze sealing technology is still recommended. The main component of the sealing glaze is SiO2. On the one hand, the hardness is high; on the other hand, SiO2 also fills the micropores of the stone, reducing the possibility of foreign contaminants entering the stone. It is most suitable for the block cutting machine maintenance of white stone.