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Diamond disc saw cutting method

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The so-called diamond disc saw cutting method is to lay a track on the flat surface of the mine, and then the main motor of the mining block stone cutter drives the diamond disc saw blade to rotate at a high speed through the kerbstone cutting machine main motor, using frequency conversion speed control, and dual-track traction control to granite laser cutting machine automatically advance. Give, cut on the track to get the wool block. Finally, use rock drills, water hammers, pneumatic drills, and other equipment to trim the rough blocks into standard specifications.


This method was originally from Fujian Province, borrowing the principle of cutting and processing plates, and flexibly applying the high-speed rotary cutting technology of diamond tools to fieldstone mining. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low consumption, safety, environmental protection, energy-saving, and high yield. The small and medium-scale mechanized granite mines with complete ore portable marble cutting machine bodies are extremely friendly. It is currently the mechanized mining method for stone mines with the highest mining efficiency, the lowest mining cost, and the largest block output at home and abroad. At present, most domestic cutting machine stone granite mines use this method for mining, and it is gradually granite cutting machine being accepted by foreign stone mines.