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The new marble curing process

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1. Protection: Use an oil-permeable protective agent to coat the marble surface to make the marble waterproof.

2. Slit: Use a cutting machine to cut the wire saw machine for granite gap evenly and then absorb the dust in the gap to ensure that the stone gap does not turn black.

3. Mending seams: use a special cnc stone carving service glue for marble, mix color, and fill in the seams. Watermill can be used after drying.


4. Seamless treatment: use a stone refurbishment machine and refurbished cnc marble cutting machine pieces to water-grind the marble surface from coarse to fine to ensure that the marble surface has no height.

5. Crystallization: Use specially stone cutting table imported marble crystal powder and polishing pad to crystallize the marble surface.

6. Crystal surface treatment: Polished with a white mat and steel wool, advanced granite stone cutting machine crystal surface agent, stone curing agent, after crystallization, it can enhance the abrasion resistance, color, and brightness granite cutting machine for sale of the marble, and can also achieve the effects of anti-skid, waterproof and oil-proof.