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Manual slab edge cutting machine
  • 【Name】Manual slab edge cutting machine
  • 【Model】DFSY-300
  • 【Category】Edge cutting machine series
  • 【Company】DAFON Machinery
  • 【Clicks】2333
  • 【Time】2021-08-27 01:59:57

Manual edge cutting machine(1)

Technical parameters:

Dimension( L×W×H)


Work table size


Diameter of blade


Machinable specification







1. Manual Edge Cutting Machine is compact equipment for granite and marble edge cutting.

2. The worktable movement is driven by manually winding the handwheel with a transmission mechanism of gear, rack, and chains.

3. Worktable rails are oil-immersed and covered to protect from water and dust. High-quality bearings are used in the worktable wheels to ensure the worktable be light to drive by hand.

4. The worktable is made of cast iron to avoid shape deformation. Grooves on the worktable make it easy to set modes for different size stone edge cutting.

5. Blade position is adjustable both in the vertical and horizontal direction to fit for stone edge cutting. Blade lifting/lowering movement is motorized.

6. Cutting head (blade) can tilt 45 degrees to do the chamfering cutting.

7. A lubricant inputting small hole is opened on the blade spindle housing box. It is easy to lubricate the blade spindle bearings, so the blade can run smooth and work long.