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Vertical quarry cutting machine
  • 【Name】Vertical quarry cutting machine
  • 【Model】
  • 【Category】mining machine series
  • 【Company】DAFON Machinery
  • 【Clicks】737
  • 【Time】2018-03-03 04:15:50
Functional properties:
1, horizontal mining machine mechanical structure, hydraulic system, electrical as one telescopic mine machine ( cutting width ). 
In 2, the machine spindle movements using four columns oriented, hydraulic cylinder through lifting the saw blade for cutting. Main shaft after heat treatment ( quenching ) and electroplating, the material hardness and strength, corrosion prevention variant is not easy. 
In 3, the hydraulic system adopts the integral type gear pump, speed, no inertia force, longer service life. 
In 4, the main control box is composed of a frequency converter, transformer, AC contactor, a time relay and other main parts to realize automation, effectively control the hydraulic lifting, cutting speed, the machine speed. Improve machine humanized, operation safety, efficiency. 
Technical parameters of Technical Data
Body size ( mm ) 3450*1650*2600
Diameter of blade ( mm ) 2200-4400
Depth of cut ( mm ) 850-2000
Cutting width ( mm ) 1350-3000
The lifting stroke ( mm ) 800
Machine weight ( T ) 9.5