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Infrared Bridge Cutting Machine

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Infrared Bridge Cutting Machine
  • 【Name】Infrared Bridge Cutting Machine
  • 【Model】DF400-800
  • 【Category】Infrared Bridge Cutting Machine series
  • 【Company】DAFON Machinery
  • 【Clicks】1406
  • 【Time】2018-07-04 01:53:49

DF-400/600/800 uses PLC system and human-machine Interface, combined with Ultra-high precision rotary encoder to locate and infrared device,uses inverter to control left-right feeding, adjusts the speed according to the stone material.It uses hydraulic lifting system,main spare parts adopt imported good-quality materials.Thus the whole machine is featured as high cutting effciency,high cutting precision, high stability,easy-operating to suit granite and marble with high value and big size.



  1. The machine adopts PLC control system, can automatic work.

  2. Machine parts using high-quality steel manufacturing, Electric control parts adopt advanced imported components assembly precision, Beam protection device, and is equipped with touch-based operating system, so with the advantages of high precision, high stability, high efficiency, easy operation, etc.


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